Thanks to the possiblity of showing movies without weekly planning, the users of GoGo Cinema are free to decide, when and in what theater, they want to watch the movie they like. There are not only the newest blockbusters available, but also classics that you were not able to watch at the cinema. Of course also in all possible languages. Goodbye national borders.

You can book in just 3 easy steps on the modern website or the app. Thanks to the new cinema technology, the movie you chose can be shown just 15 miuntes afterwards at the theater (if available). 

GoGo Cinema is a start-up company with its seat in Singapore. It has a strong background at the asian cinema industry and is closely cooperating with the cinema tenology producer GDC Technology, which is an active member of the industry since 20 years. The Imaculix AG from Zurich will adapt GoGo Cinema for the european market, operate it and, in close cooperation with Singapore, develop it.